She went up, up, up

20160609_210454She went up, up, up. Past the trees – tall evergreens that began to look like emerald snowflakes if you hovered just above them, their branches spreading out like the skirts of ballet dances and spectators’ fans all at once – she flew upwards. She swept into an uncontrollable adventure where dreams were more real and alive than reality’s possibilities could ever be.

Far away, past the stars she flew heavenward. She was a flying star, one that refused to fall, defying gravity, defying the norm. She was a miracle, this star. How wondrous to know, to realize a girl just a girl, could be miraculous.

Her shoulder thrust forward. It felt bruised and she knew her friend had poked her for a few minutes.

“Helllloooooo. You missed the fish jumping.”

Not really. The fish had indeed leapt out of the water, only it never came back down and Audrey followed it into the atmosphere.

“I saw it,” she mumbled.

“What? You’re so quiet all the time. I’d say you’re a good listener but you never pay attention.”
Twang. Audrey’s heart tightened. Jordan could be so cruel – not that she meant to, at least Audrey hoped she didn’t mean to. But Jordan was the only one who said more to Audrey than most girls.

“I’m bored. I’m going home. Don’t follow me.”

Audrey stared at the lake, visualizing a giant eye gazing at her through the reflective glass. The lake turned grey then pink, following the sky’s transformation as the sun slipped over the Earth’s curve.

“Maybe because your stories are so boring,” Audrey finally had a comeback. But no one heard nor cared and her bitterness did not subside after the words were spoken. Breaking the peaceful silence ruined the calm and the lake was only a dark and cold body of still water. Audrey left.


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